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+6    Now more calculators in one app. The main calculator is still the Money Management Calculator for those that follow a system. But to add value to this app, I added yet another tip calculator, and also an On Sale calculator ...    263 kb    Views 3750
+16    The iAccounts application provides the facility to maintain all your transaction records credits and debits. User can add bank account within the application and add the opening balance to it and add your debit and credit transaction and keep ...    3 MB    Views 9832

My Loanbook

+26    My Loanbook is a simple and efficient way to track objects and money lent and borrowed from relatives, friends and acquaintances. With a few simple steps you can add categories and objects or money and assign them to a person. With ...    4 MB    Views 3556

Mina utgifter

+1    Selected as the Best Finance App by Apple two years in a row International bestseller and number 1 in the finance category in 100 countries Awarded "App of the day" in several international magazines and mentioned in The New ...    3 MB    Views 8999
+6    Easily keep track of your spending and determine what your current balance is using the Check Register phone app. Debt Consolidation Center has launched a new app that will allow you to add all your transactions in one easy place, ...    4 MB    Views 7808

Vipps by DNB

+7    Vipps, an easier way to pay Vipps No charge for amounts below NOK 5 000. For payments of NOK 5 000 or above, the charge is 1% of the amount. All you need to know, to send money, is the person’s ...    5 MB    Views 185
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+25    Managing your money is boring and time consuming, right? NOT ANYMORE Introducing the "Personal Budget Manager" (PBM) an allinone solution to managing your money. This application is fully featured with the following: Add transactions quicker than any other app out there ...    5 MB    Views 1069
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+5    Quick Checkbook is a smart personal finance management app, you can track multiple accounts info easily and conveniently. With Quick Checkbook, you will manage your accounts at a glance. You can see clearly about balance of all your accounts and each ...    38 MB    Views 2379
money budget budgets amount show add chart icloud create wiz
-5    Stop asking the question that where my money went, and why there is no money left in my wallet. Budget Wiz keeps your money well managed and spent. By Budget Wiz, you can create income and expense budgets, which indicate how ...    13 MB    Views 9495
+1    Easily keep track of your spending and determine what your current balance is using the Check Register phone app. Debt Consolidation Center has launched a new app that will allow you to add all your transactions in one easy place, ...    4 MB    Views 9925
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+7    Welcome to your personal fundraising thermometer, where you can track what you save and reach your saving goals. Saving up has never been easier It's always better to save up for the things you want than spending money you don't have, ...    16 MB    Views 5121
money people events expenses crowd balances sharing add flat
+19    Crowd Money is the best way to manage the expenses of your travels, events, sharing a flat, etc. With Crowd money you can: Add people from scratch or your address book. Create multiple events: Sharing a flat, Travel to New ...    4 MB    Views 2232

iClockIn Pro

money email calendar time clock shift support save earned weekly view add
-4    Always want to know how much you should get paid each week? Are you a shift worker or someone that works varying hours? Do you want an app that can work it all out for you, save it then export it for ...    1 MB    Views 8827

Wedding Budget HD

wedding budget money application items prices spends categories forget add won
+9    Special Edition for iPad Organize your wedding with Wedding Budget and estimate all spends you will do It is always stressful to plunge into the world of wedding preparations: invitations, rings, flowers, food and more and more For sure, you will ...    55 MB    Views 4532


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+10    ZenExpense is a unique new way of managing your time and money. It makes it easy and simple to reach your goals by offering Intelligent Suggestions. Check if your next purchase will set you back and which amount would be ...    17 MB    Views 2914
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-7    “Money” is the easiest and most user friendly way to track your spendings to save money Features Simple and intuitive user interface helps you track your transactions quickly and easily Transactions add transactions by type, amount, name, and category remove transactions ...    792 kb    Views 9252
money budget expenses accounts account entries recurring incomes add chart set delete
+15    Expense Keep is a personal finance app built to be fast and designed to be flexible yet simple to use. Organize your money into separate accounts and track your expenses and incomes. Accounts can be used to track your bank ...    2 MB    Views 5495
program money costs expenses add live friend easily divide
+2    ”SPOUSE – Our Expenses” is a small, but effective, program to divide costs between friends or spouses. Have you found yourself in a discussion over money with your friend or spouse? Do you live in a modern relationship where both work ...    309 kb    Views 1037
0    Tired of trying to figure out how much money is on your gift card? Quickly and easily keep track of that money on your gift cards with this app. From the main screen touch the plus sign to add a new ...    205 kb    Views 9196
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+1    Tabbt is the best way to share everyday expenses and send money to your friends. A shared expense that's what we call a Tab is created within seconds: After paying for your group, you enter the total amount, add ...    49 MB    Views 573
money swipe fastest expenses personalized add unique
+6    The Fastest Accounting App Ever Have you ever tried to keep track of your money but finally given up because it is too complicated? Hi Money offers you a new way to keep records of your money only in one second. It ...    15 MB    Views 6742


money card people add fare amount cost bonus
+6    MetroSaver helps you get the most value from your PayPerRide MetroCard when riding the MTA in New York City by calculating exactly how much to add to your MetroCard so that every penny goes toward your rides. MTA Station Booths and ...    9 MB    Views 8704


Related Apps money card history bills account serve add information transaction benefits cash express
-2    HOW IT WORKS: • Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account • View your transaction history • View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction FEATURES: • Locate MoneyPass ATMs • Set money aside with Reserve • Send money to ...    34 MB    Views 5843

Fake-A-Bank Account

bank accounts fake account application add touch lunch show enter
+15    Make others think you are filthy rich or drowning in debt with FakeABank Account Once installed FakeABank Account looks like any other financial information application however instead of actually hooking up to your bank accounts, FakeABank Account lets you provide ...    144 kb    Views 8386
-6    Send free, instant, cash transfers. All you need is the recipient's mobile phone number. Setup only takes a minute and the money is automatically delivered in seconds. Add cash to your Abra app in person at any Abra Teller. Withdraw cash from ...    27 MB    Views 1394
transactions account add accounts savings show manager button pages
-9    Savings Account Manager Lite is an application that helps you to add your savings account and manage your transactions. It is very simple and easy to use. Just download it You will like it Features: Excellent User Interface to add your ...    8 MB    Views 2102


finance money balances credit main mind completed add owe balance list
+6    Top 10 finance app in Italy Top 10 finance app in the US Ever found yourself looking for an easy way to keep track of those little debts and credits you have with your friends? Balances may be ...    848 kb    Views 2038


+29    "Travel Money" is an app that helps you to manage shared money.It is useful when you go travering with a group. [Add Expense] You can add date of purchase and set purchased item. And you can easily set "expenses" and "Payables" each members. The ...    659 kb    Views 3613
apple iphone travel voice money watch add wallet expense income create transactions
-1    Spendio is a simple way to track and manage your money. This is the first app that let you track your money on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Never miss any expense or income by input the data right from ...    3 MB    Views 5504
money expenditure income set bank write progress add function input
0    This is an app that helps you keep and manage your daily income and expenditure. Both OCR and keyboard input supported; write over the receipts taken and kept in your camera roll. Just decide whether it is income or expenditure and put ...    23 MB    Views 6527

Plan Big Life

money forecast family add goal plan expenses regular version matter income
+7    Get a plan how to buy something big, what you always dreamed of. Quick start: 1. Add your goal: for example, to buy a car, a new house, or to arrange a wedding, or start a family. Enter the amount of money ...    19 MB    Views 3965


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-3    The AutoXpenses is a great, new app for the iPhone which will help you to organize and bring order to the chaos caused by all expenses that been done for vehicles. Almost every day, everybody that owns a vehicle, car, motorcycle, ...    4 MB    Views 4753


Related Apps banking money bank tsb payments 0508 youtube access accounts add zealand
+4    [my]bank by TSB Bank is a better way to bank. Our mobile banking app is accessible wherever you are, so you can bank on the go. Check your balances, make a payment, transfer money, customise the way it looks and ...    14 MB    Views 2183
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+27    A quick drink, a cinema ticket, or a menu in a restaurant. Do you happen to quickly forget about things you owe or things you lend someone? OweMe, the Money Lending Manager, helps you there. You can easily jot down small amounts ...    2 MB    Views 1914

RushCard Live

Related Apps card money live atm fee add access free network
0    Manage your RushCard Live Prepaid Visa Card on the go with the RushCard Live Mobile App. Taking control of your money just got easier. Get fast access to your balance and transaction history when and where you need it. Locate the ...    5 MB    Views 9485

Where's Your Money

Related Apps money photo notes world note add
+6    Where's Your Money is the ultimate app to see where your paper money goes once you've spent it. Since 2009 our users have been tracking thousands of notes in the UK, now we're going worldwide. Add any banknote you have, then ...    4 MB    Views 3176

Deniz Kabuğu

card business photo money wallet add phone simply
+2    All of your important information are safely stored in the cloud. You can set a passcode to secure your crucial information in the wallet. Your privacy is protected from login to logout. Store your IDs in your personal folder and ...    24 MB    Views 5007

Money iQ HD

+1    Intelligent application packed with innovative features that make managing personal or business finances effortless. Money iQ offers multiple accounts management, smart budgeting, instant currency conversion, statistical reporting, balance view for assets, liabilities and net worth, transactions scheduling, records emailing and ...    17 MB    Views 8537
Related Apps iphone money transactions recurring accounts delete view add balance income edit
+26    Checkbook ledger is smart and simple to use iPhone App for managing money in your multiple Accounts ( Checking,Savings,Cash,Credit Card ). It has a very simple and easy to use User Interface that anyone who isn’t even good with accounting ...    9 MB    Views 2084
Related Apps money amount balance add current day spend items
+25    Spendable helps you with saving money. You can see the amount that you can spend at a glance. It puts emphasis on not "What you spent money on" but "How much you can spend", so you don't need to record all ...    2 MB    Views 6710
time person email money amount enter press number prices immediately add pay
+27    FREE for a limited time Have you paid the money for you friend, and found out it's hard to get themoney back while we hang out? This is an App used while we go to a trip, have dinner, or even buy ...    643 kb    Views 7522

Money Penny

money add overview tags expenses assist penny spend
-5    Give yourself an overview of your incomes and expenditures. Help find your unnecessary expenses. Get an overview for each month, showing what cash flow you have and how it changes over time. For example, how much money do I spend on ...    494 kb    Views 3269


kids money children virtual parents add allowance spend real
+2    KiDebit ( Kid Debit ) is a simple child friendly app that teaches young kids how to budget and learn the value of money. Using a printed card at home, kids can scan it like an adult to display their ...    15 MB    Views 6750

Money Tracker Pro

Related Apps money time tracker transactions spending add information income purchase expenses
+5    Do you want to find it easy to save money? Imagine you were able to track your spending in seconds & could see spending patterns to help you save more easily? Well now you can with 'Money Tracker Pro'. FEATURES ● Add transactions ...    706 kb    Views 286
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+1    WARNING: Using this app might lead to unexpected money savings. Use it with caution Have you ever asked yourself al least once where did your money go, knowing that you should have more than you find out you have? This app ...    10 MB    Views 379

Birthday Money

Related Apps money birthday parents add log
+1    Dear Fellow Money Spenders, There are 2 reasons my dad and I made this app: 1. My parents and I always argue about how much of my birthday (Christmas, Easter etc.) money I have spent. 2. You are probably bad at keeping track ...    4 MB    Views 8121
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+5    Keep track of your money. Remember who you lent money and get notifications to get it back. You Owe Me has a simple user interface and and has a lot of useful features. iCloud sync and backup Notifications Use your ...    6 MB    Views 4991


Related Apps money transactions current paid transaction add month simply
+3    BudJet is an application that helps you to maintain your budget simply. All the features available are really straightforward and intuitives. For example: Listing the different transactions of the current month with an advanced search mode Changing at any time ...    16 MB    Views 3847
check account loyalty add locations machines prepaid participating
-9    Get more now Start getting more with every purchase at participating selfservice retail locations like vending machines, kiosks, car washes, laundromats and much, much more with this ultraconvenient Prepaid & Loyalty program from USA Technologies. Simply use your more card ...    8 MB    Views 7036
Related Apps transactions account supports accounts balance add income expense transaction monthly
+8    A simple and easy to use app to track transactions and balance of your accounts like checking saving, credit card and cash etc. Checkbook Wiz is a convenient way to manage your personal daily finance, check or add transactions anywhere with ...    29 MB    Views 4805
transactions account add savings accounts show button manager pages
+26    Savings Account Manager is an application that helps you to add your savings account and manage your transactions. It is very simple and easy to use. Just download it You will like it Features: Excellent User Interface to add your account ...    5 MB    Views 1304

Trip Money

trip money email currency transaction balance spending check purchase cost add
-3    Trip Money tracks your money on currency cards, traveller’s cheques and cash. Instantly check your balance and track spending whilst on a trip. No more having to check your currency card balance at an ATM to get your latest balance. ...    7 MB    Views 5459


money pay payments add
-7    Yandex.Money for your iPhone or iPad helps you make urgent payments at any moment. Pay on your commute to work, when sitting in a cafe, or while waiting in line. Opening a Wallet takes all of one minute. You can add ...    12 MB    Views 1698


Related Apps money job slips mobile jobs activity enter version create add mileage
-7    AccountEdge Mobile v4 is a companion app for AccountEdge for Mac software and is not intended to act as a standalone app. Important Note: In order to take advantage of some of the latest features in AccountEdge Mobile you will need ...    NAN    Views 2796


Related Apps money budget add
+1    The simplest budget manager there is. Set a budget and then simply add or remove money. A log is created each time you add or subtract money along with the description of what that money is from or was to. No ...    172 kb    Views 3063

MetroCard Fixer

Related Apps money add
+15    Stuck with 1.10 on your MetroCard? Fix it with this app Stop wasting money on your New York City MTA MetroCards Easily figure out exactly how much value to add to your card so that you no longer leave any money ...    571 kb    Views 6767

Account Book HD

Related Apps money shopping people time rent month account spent enter automatically add simply book
+4    Account Book is an app which helps you to control your finances. Who doesn't know that feeling of having less and less money in your account at the end of the month eventhough you haven't bought anything special? This is ...    502 kb    Views 7514
Related Apps map money photos add manage movements accounts create categories expenses
-9    MAppNey is the new way to manage your income and expenses from your iPhone, make different accounts and categories, add movements, located on the map and even can even add a picture to instantly know where it comes from or ...    591 kb    Views 6913

Quick Checkbook

Related Apps accounts transactions add transaction cleared reports supports expense quick account
+4    Quick Checkbook is a smart personal finance management app, you can track multiple accounts info easily and conveniently. With Quick Checkbook, you will manage your accounts at a glance. You can see clearly about balance of all your accounts and each ...    34 MB    Views 9204


Related Apps add account accounts transaction
+3    An easy to use app to keep track of one or more accounts. Add accounts, then add transactions to each account. Each transaction has a description, amount, date, and can be marked as pending or reconciled. Account names and all transaction ...    321 kb    Views 7729
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