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ASP Smart for iPad is the most innovative and powerful tool for investment on smart phones provided by Asia Plus Securities PLC. Thailand (ASP).

What are in the ASP Smart functions?

Regional Comparison, to compare your selected stock with regional and local peers among industries by PER and PBV.

Stock screening, as ASP covers more than 90% of SET Market capitalization, clients can screen stocks under ASP Coverage with maximum 5 criteria i.e.  PER, PBV, PCF, ROE, Dividend yield, EPS growth, Price changes, Upside, and Recommendation.

Stock info, to view EPS, Dividend, and Price movements in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly views with 3 customized moving average lines.

Push notification of ASP Breaking New in ASP Live!!

And other jet set functions e.g. ASP research, DW, Warrant, Stock and Sector Performance Corners, and much more.

What are differences from iPhone version?

Improve visual graphic, bigger graphs, and more expanded columns.

Underlying price column shown in Warrant and Derivative Warrant Corners

Show full stock and warrant names

“ASP Smart, as live as having ASP research team in your hand”

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ASP Smart

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Published 2015-10-25
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