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iExpenses Pro, manage all your reimbursements | FINANCE-appsios

iExpenses Pro is an application to track easily all your business advances & expenses, from data entry until repayment.

This application is :

¤ a time saver and less paperwork

¤ a better tracking system of your expenses

¤ the possibility of simply managing expense reports, even while away from the office

¤ a means of rapidly sending data to Accounting

iExpenses application allows you to :

¤ Track your everyday advances & expenses with ease and for many profiles

¤ Follow your demands thanks to a date and a status : data entry, send, paid

¤ Associate to a receipt as many VAT rate & amount as needed

¤ Manage any currency with manual & automatic exchange conversion to your local currency

¤ Take a snapshop or use your gallery for your receipts : you may have more than one receipt for a claim

¤ Record detail information for following expense types : taxi, train, airfare, restaurant, mileage and hotel

¤ Manage your referentials : expense categories, payment modes, meal types, customers & projects, vehicles, guests, places, merchants and currencies

¤ Create CSV & PDF files of your expenses

¤ Send CSV & PDF files by email or to another app

¤ Print CSV & PDF files with AirPrint

¤ Summary : annual mileage for each vehicle

¤ Protect your data by password

¤ Synchronize your data between your iPhone / iPad with iCloud and Dropbox

¤ Automatic bakup of your data thank to iTunes Save & iClouds backup !

It only takes a few seconds to enter each expense and tracking your repayments has never been more simple, event while away from the office !

If you are experiencing any problem, please contact Support.


Many thanks to for producing so beautiful flags !
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Author financeappsios
Published 2015-09-08
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