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MAPFRE España offers the following services through this application:

- Search for MAPFRE Offices, Renowned Garages, MAPFRE Clinics, Inspection Centres, Collaborating Establishments, Service and Medical Centres.

- My Office: Promotions, personal contact with the office team.

- Company's main contact telephone numbers.

- Advice on how to act in the event of an accident.

- Request roadside assistance.

- Data entry for Cars (Accidents with no other cars involved), Home and Communities.

- Search for recommended glass-repair garage.

- Routes throughout Spain: Useful information of national parks.

- Organize My Trips (where and when, notes, photos). Share on social networks.

- Purchase my travel insurance policies.

- Save documents related to the insurance.

- Price simulator for cars, motorbikes and mopeds.

- Vehicle maintenance schedule

- Contracting new products

- Link to MAPFRE’s main websites.

- Options for finding the vehicle and make a note of parking space.

- End of parking ticket notice.

- SOS Emergency.

- Combined Agricultural Insurance: Information and communication forms of claims.

- Option for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
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