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Four Fibonacci series pivot point lines using linear regression are calculated to find retracements that best match the stock. The best match determines the trend, prices, trade probability and retracement quality. Trade probability is computed from the projected buy verses the market price deviation. A larger deviation suggests that the stock is selling at a higher than normal price and may not execute. A stock with a lower deviation is selling at a price close to normal and may execute easily. Thus stocks with a trade probability less than 90% may result in a good buy and are usually more difficult to buy. The quality on the other hand is determined by the number of Fibonacci time series retracements, location and magnitude. Stocks exhibiting less than four retracements, especially with low magnitudes, often demonstrate poor performance with low momentum. Stocks with a low trade probabilities are usually a great buy and difficult to execute while stocks with a less than 100% quality may result in poor performance and a possible loss.

Accurately calculates entry and exit stock prices using Werner Pivot Points coupled with the Fibonacci time series.


Calculates Buy, Sell and Stop Loss prices

Calculates the number of share

Stock Trend, Direction and Strength

Trade Probability and Fibonacci Quality

Stock Chart

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