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+1    Now with Currency Alerts The currency converter you've been waiting for Just type the amount and it's converted Plain and simple, bCurrency servers are updated every hour with the latest currency rates. Can't wait? Pull the list of active currencies on ...    47 MB    Views 6329
+2    Get up to date currency exchange rates. Convert between over 160 different currencies. Use your Apple Watch to quickly view currency exchange rates and to convert another currency to your home currency. Tell Siri to "Launch Currencies" to start Currencies app on your ...    4 MB    Views 8416
alarms rate set exchange currency currencies alarm
+2    THE ONLY WORKING EXCHANGE RATE ALARM APP ON THE STORE All you need to do is to set your alarms for exchange rates for any currencies you want. Then you will be notified when the current rate goes higher ...    2 MB    Views 6302
+4    All currencies, always up to date, in a stylish interface. Easy to use. Reliable. Perfect for your business trip or vacation. ▶ "Simple, elegant Great app." The Jacemeister ▶ "Very useful Just what I needed before holiday, thanks :)" ...    26 MB    Views 9905
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+2    This is a very simple and easy to use currency converter. This is also the free version. With this converter, you can convert the Top 25 most used currencies in the world. Go ahead and have fun with it Whether ...    2 MB    Views 606


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+4    Currencies A currency converter NO ADVERTISING Current curses Clear display Banktechnical computer logic Update on WiFi connection only (adjustable) The currency converter can convert between two currencies. It will be shown the relevance of exchange rates. Have fun in computing    415 kb    Views 5538


currencies currency convert
+7    Free for a limited time Need to quickly convert to another currency? Now you can do it with style with Eurrency. It's the best app for it. Most currency converters let you convert between two currencies easily, but when you ...    1 MB    Views 1199

Currency Locator

currency country countries currencies areas number
+5    Ever wondered what is the currency of Finland Or what is the US Dollar currency number Well; this app can answer. This application illustrates all the currency codes along their numbers and names. It links the searched currency code with the ...    44 kb    Views 7164
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+10    Converts all currencies with easy to use scroll wheels. Put in amount, choose currency, push calculate. All currencies available. Connects to webserver to get currencies    4 MB    Views 1930
+29    A must have for Bitcoin trader or newbie. You can get the latest market prices of Bitcoin and will displayed in Bitcoin price and your local currency. Features RealTime Bitcoin prices RealTime currency convert(support 50+ currency. USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY, CAD, ...    4 MB    Views 4216
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+3    Take a look on the exchange rates of 33 countries Completely FREE Currency Change allows you to: Be up to date on changes to the currencies of many countries Calculate exchange rates between currencies Store the currency used to quickly display at ...    6 MB    Views 5896
dollars currency currencies
-3    Convert between major world currencies, including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollars and much more. The currency rates database is updated daily on the server side, this means that you always get the latest currencies without ...    592 kb    Views 6863


exchange bitcoin rates top currencies btc markets live
+16    CryptoCoin a simple way to stay on top of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. Access to live Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rates from top markets in multiple fiat currencies. Now includes DOGE coin too Plus, this app provides trending news ...    6 MB    Views 9377
+6    The XBTerminal app allows you to easily accept Bitcoin payments quickly, securely with an optional guaranteed cash return. Our unique system allows you to accept Bitcoin and the options to either receive a guaranteed local currency return to your bank, ...    937 kb    Views 2652
-6    BTCworld brings you the latest bitcoin quotes for numerous exchanges, current prices for various currencies, charts, and frequently updated news all presented in a beautiful, extremely fast, elegant and easy to use interface. Features include: 15 Currencies, numerous exchanges, all ...    2 MB    Views 6208
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0    M Converter Pro for iPad is a currency converter. You can select your favorite currencies. Available rates for 168 currencies. The exchange rates are updated at application startup. This application is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.    8 MB    Views 980

Currency Exchanger

design currency currencies convert exchanger
0    Exchanger is a simple way to convert currency in mobile. Nice design with flat design 100+ world currencies Convert multicurrencies in one time Personal currency list – just pick the currencies you need Offline mode (do not need network) Search ...    1008 kb    Views 4465
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-7    Simple and powerful currency converter. If you are traveling or working it will be your companion Live currency exchange rates, calculate currency rates between 160+ different currencies. Features: 160+ currencies Full featured calculator Customizable automatic rate update Manual rate update Recent currencies ...    5 MB    Views 9778
0    Get the latest Bitcoin prices in the most used international currencies. Prices update each time you use the app and are available in US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen. Tap the country flags to change the target ...    792 kb    Views 2004
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-7    btcReport is the most complete mobile companion for the international bitcoin enthusiast. Create price alerts, read bitcoin news, perform currency conversions, see charts, customize with themes, and more: Support for 30 fiat currencies News feed of current events & topics in ...    2 MB    Views 2110
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0    Featured by Apple as the 1 Travel Companion App in the App Store Simplicity is a virtue. Tally aims to be the simplest, fastest, and smartest currency conversion app you've ever used. Just type in "45 NZD to USD" ...    19 MB    Views 5017
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-2    This is a application devoted to bringing you the latest currency exchange rates. It also provides one currency convert to other currencies and currency converter calculator. The main functionality 1. It provides the latest currency exchange rates from 94 currencies. 2. It provides a ...    3 MB    Views 8004


currencies currency omni
-6    "Omni Currency" uses the most popular and most up to date currencies and exchange rates all over the world. Convert between hundreds of currencies worldwide with just the touch of a button. Convenient and easy to use, whether you're traveling, ...    1 MB    Views 7259

BitCoin Market

money bitcoin digital currency buyer peer exchange
-4    BitCoin is an experimental, decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. BitCoin uses peertopeer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. When paying ...    642 kb    Views 3942

FX Alert

+7    Get currency exchange rate information on the go with FX Alerts. You specify a currency pair and a rate, and then Western Union Business Solutions monitors the market for you. If the rate is reached, you’ll know immediately through notifications ...    2 MB    Views 3307
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-8    Bitcoin Plus Currency Converter gives you real time BTCUSD transaction value along with latest ask and bid value. You can convert BTC value into your currency. Realtime data updation as each ask/bid is placed or transaction is completed. Always Free 33 ...    5 MB    Views 7477
currency rates currencies simple 160 easy exchange bitcoin including convert
+14    Powerful and easytouse currency converter application provides uptodate exchange rates in over 160 currencies. A must have app for anyone looking to exchange money or on holiday in a foreign country, providing you with a simple and easy way to ensure ...    5 MB    Views 7936
-4    Baseline lets you keep track of Bitcoin addresses on your iPhone. See balances and transaction history at a glance. Conveniently toggle the display currency between Bitcoin and over 50 supported Fiat currencies. · Built in QR scanner to add new Bitcoin ...    8 MB    Views 1731
camera bitcoin address litecoin wallet currencies gbp eur
+6    Just point your iPhone at Bitcoin address and discover how rich somebody is BitScanner allows you to scan and instantly check the balance of any Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or Peercoin (PPC) wallet's address and convert into real currencies (USD, EUR, ...    9 MB    Views 3669


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-9    iMoneyNow is a currency converter app. Main Features: Check uptodate currency rates; Convert from your base currency to up to 15 currencies; Today widget with your favorite currencies; Share the current rate with your friends; Check uptodate currency rates on your Apple Watch.    3 MB    Views 6493
monitor money bitcoin currency designed
+30    BitRate Bitcoin Monitor allows you to track the exchange rate between Bitcoin and various currencies across the most popular exchanges. BitRate provides useful uptodate statistics about the Bitcoin currency, and allows you to always know what your Bitcoins are worth, even ...    4 MB    Views 7342
news btc currencies ltc currency bitcoin usd include pair
+5    This app shows the current exchange rates for many currencies to crypto currencies. Currencies include USD, EUR, CAD, CNY, RUB, CHF and many more. Crypto Currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), DOGE, NMC, PPC and many more altcoins. You can setup alerts for ...    11 MB    Views 5022

Bitcoin App FREE

market bitcoin version total blocks live stats currency
+25    " This is the FREE version of Bitcoin APP. It has the same features as the paid version but includes iADs. " App Stores 1 Bitcoin App Worlds first Bitcoin app on App Store THANK YOU ALL FOR GREAT FEEDBACK WE HAVE ADDED THE ...    11 MB    Views 2505
currencies currency world rates exchange 180 converter
+4    My Currency is a free currency converter with 180+ currencies and live exchange rates. Your perfect companion abroad or at work. Hold the world's currencies in the palm of your hand. Most important features: Exchange rates for over 180 currencies Currency ...    9 MB    Views 2567

Bitcoin Calculator

calculator bitcoin currencies instantly values convert
0    All the Bitcoin related calculations you need in one app Get updated Bitcoin values in up to 10 different currencies from multiple Bitcoin markets. Instantly convert Bitcoin values at current rates in up to 10 different currencies. Put in any Bitcoin address and ...    686 kb    Views 9363
Related Apps currencies currency rates update 160 rate converter
+2    Simple and powerful currency converter. If you are traveling or working it will be your companion Live currency exchange rates, calculate currency rates between 160+ different currencies. Features: 160+ currencies Full featured calculator Customizable automatic rate update Manual rate update Recent currencies ...    3 MB    Views 109
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+11    Currency Converter helps you work smarter and faster... Top features: Easy to use, Live rates (over 75 world currencies EURO, USD, GBP, HKD), Save favourite currencies, Save rates for offline use Available on all iOS devices    3 MB    Views 867
-6    Real Time Currency Conversion Between All Your Currencies integrated with smart calculated,with this you can do your calculations and conversions at one place. If you are travelling, this really great app to use. you can find out how much your currency is ...    3 MB    Views 1110
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+25    Currencies Currency converter is the best travel iPhone Are you in London and want to splurge? With Currencies know exactly what you pay for You are in Rome and want to know if you're making a deal to buy a dress ...    5 MB    Views 238
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+12    Currency conversion, reinvented And now free And now it is faster An amazing currency converter. Simply point your smartphone at a banknote and Xloudia ConverterXpress instantly converts its value into your home currency. Xloudia Currency ConverterXpress is the best traveler's companion, avoiding conversion mistakes ...    24 MB    Views 7829
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+25    All in One Currency Converter. Support 150+ Currencies. Simple currencey converter .Supports 150+ countries currencies. Just Select currencies type amount and see results. This free tool allow you to convert currencies between 200 different countries    25 MB    Views 404

Bitcoin Easy Check

Related Apps check bitcoin currency days price easy
+21    Easily check the price of Bitcoin, for any market and currency, as well as the current day’s statistics. See the weighted price averages for the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days for the currency of your choice. The Bitcoin ...    6 MB    Views 6876

Watch Currencies

Related Apps apple watch currencies currency rates
0    View the latest currency conversion rates on your Apple Watch or iPhone. This app will convert 1 USD into the following currencies: AUD CNY EUR GBP JPY CHF CAD While using this on your Apple Watch, you have the option of ...    3 MB    Views 6761
bitcoin atm currencies application atms realtime
0    Looking for an application for allinone BitCoin service ? This maybe a right app for you We give you... > Realtime Bitcoin currencies exchange > Nearest ATMs > ATMs available all over the world > ATM location navigating system > Accepted currencies for the selected ...    5 MB    Views 5183
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+26    ANX Vault is an allinone convenient and efficient wallet service for Bitcoins as well as other crypto currencies and relies on industrial strength security standards provided by the ANX platform. Supports fiat currencies AUD, CAD, GBP, CHF, EUR, HKD, JPY, NZD, ...    3 MB    Views 7847


time games news bitcoin converter currency convert box select conversion drop
-1    BTCxe is the easiest to use, most intuitive Bitcoin converter you’ll ever use and the last one you’ll ever need. With just a couple of taps you can convert BTC (including µBTC, mBTC and kBTC units) to the currency of ...    3 MB    Views 7076
currencies currency global trends
+1    Currency is a useful tool to help with you keep track of trends in global currencies.    3 MB    Views 5695
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+14    M Converter Free for iPad is a currency converter. You can select your favorite currencies. Available rates for 168 currencies. The exchange rates are updated at application startup. This application is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.    9 MB    Views 9789

Bitcoin Checkout

bitcoin currency checkout conversion payment configurable gratuity options tips
+5    Bitcoin Checkout is a fast, simple interface for retail and mobile businesses to accept bitcoin payments. Features include: Instant payment verification Automatic conversion No bitcoin volatility risk 150+ pricing currency options Multiuser support Tipping and gratuity acceptance Configurable tip percentages Intelligent ...    9 MB    Views 2207
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-2    Currency Converter Exchange is one of the must to have tools. Easy to use interface Quick and accurate conversion between many currencies. Provides latest rates of all currencies Get latest Conversion rates of Currency to Currency. Get latest exchange rate. Get converted value for the entered ...    828 kb    Views 4012

iMoneyNow Free

Related Apps currency rates check currencies date
-7    iMoneyNow is a currency converter app. Main Features: Check uptodate currency rates; Convert from your base currency to up to 15 currencies; Today widget with your favorite currencies; Share the current rate with your friends; Check uptodate currency rates on your Apple Watch.    3 MB    Views 657


expenses group funds support currency life fund currencies
+13    Keep tab on expenses in all areas of life, such as business, travels or daily life. Also, ideal for planning budget for a trip. The only app that tracks group expenses on top of personal expenses if you travel in ...    2 MB    Views 2190


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+9    Live streaming exchange rates to your iPhone and iPad ซุปเปอร์ริชไทยแลนด์ นำเสนอทุกความเคลื่อนไหวของค่าเงินบาท และอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนกว่า 30 สกุลทั่วโลก Super Rich Thailand – the leading currency exchange professional brings you SuperrichTH, a fast and easy to use app offering the most convenient way to closely monitor the ...    1 MB    Views 1664

Bitcoin Wall

Related Apps bitcoin currencies wall rates exchange
+7    Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows anonymous transactions online. Bitcoin Wall lets you see the exchange rates for Bitcoin across all major global currencies like the US Dollar, Euro and Pound. The 18 supported currencies are the most traded ...    186 kb    Views 8728


time currencies rates currency live set world
+4    Currency2currency, live exchange rates, default, currency mode, and much more. No need to scroll down the tiring and exhaustive lists – just setup your personal currency list and have all essential currencies at first sight. 180+ world currencies Realtime currency ...    22 MB    Views 1536
Related Apps currency currencies rates 160 converter update rate
0    Currency Converter is a powerful multifunctional tools. It will be your companion abroad or at work Live currency exchange rates, calculate currency rates between 160+ different currencies. Most important features: Full featured calculator Over 160 currencies Customizable automatic rate update Manual rate ...    5 MB    Views 6087

Currency Now !

Related Apps search rates information currencies currency
+9    Convert exchange rates for over 180 currencies and metals. Type conversion amounts using a custom keypad. RELIABLE RATES OANDA Rates are used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions. They are daily filtered rates based on information supplied by leading ...    4 MB    Views 9794
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+4    Convert between 140 different currencies, even Bitcoins This is a simple and easy to use currency converter which gives you 140 up to date currencies. The currency calculator only needs access to the internet in order to fetch the latest rates, once ...    5 MB    Views 6077
currencies currency converter bitcoin rates including live 160
+4    Currency Converter supports over 160 currencies including Bitcoin. Get live foreign exchange rates and quotes from Yahoo Finance API. Features: Live rates Automatic updates Bitcoin support Search function Switch currencies in a single click Integrated calculator Currency Converter is powerful, fast and ...    5 MB    Views 4247

Cool Currencies

Related Apps currencies currency convert
-9    Very simple, yet extremely useful currency convertor Allows to convert one currency into many Allows to convert many currencies into one Converting many currencies into one is a very handy function when traveling. You can always find out how much are all those ...    8 MB    Views 7928
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