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+15    Affinity Private Wealth Mobile allows you to view your Affinity account online. If you are a client, Affinity Private Wealth Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access ...    11 MB    Views 3920


0    Holloway Wealth Management, LLC offers the Holloway application exclusively to firm clients. Advisory services offered through Holloway Wealth Management LLC. Securities offered through Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.    8 MB    Views 4649

22 Groups Client

+18    22 Groups Client is an iPhone compatible trading platform, which allows full trading via mobile. The app allows : Login with desktop username / password Enter instant and Pending transactions View past transactions Monitor live transactions    5 MB    Views 1283
+23    The Abacus Wealth Partners mobile application allows current Abacus clients to view account balances and performance, as well as view copies of our quarterly statements. To become an Abacus client, visit    3 MB    Views 1339


0    The Peninsula Wealth iPad application enables authorized Peninsula Wealth clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Peninsula Wealth client that has been authorized for ...    1 MB    Views 2882

RMS Wealth Mobile

rms information wealth portfolio mobile access data client
-2    RMS Wealth Mobile allows you to view your RMS Wealth account online. If you are a client, RMS Wealth Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your ...    11 MB    Views 6040


0    The official client for the service. Check out your sales dashboard with a UI and resolution tailormade for the iPhone, and save time with the autologin. NOTE: you need an account for the website to use the client app.    447 kb    Views 7602
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0    The Vector Wealth Management Mobile Application makes it easy for you to connect with Vector Wealth Management, LLC and monitor your accounts anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: Quickly access important contact details to email, visit Vector Wealth Management View ...    8 MB    Views 7975

The Wealth Pilot

+4    Wealth Pilot Account Information    8 MB    Views 9800

Wealth Foundation

-4    Formed by a team of passionate investment professionals, Wealth Foundation believes that financial independence is a reality that one can achieve. The path to wealth need not be an emotional roller coaster ride. It is not about taking 3 steps ...    37 MB    Views 3909
marketing wealth
0    This marketinginabox app is for the Passive Wealth App Group members to stay updated and use it for marketing.    47 MB    Views 7259


+28    Tracking your mileage in MileageMarker is a breeze. From the List, add an entry, select your vehicle, and update your start mileage if necessary. You can select the client, purpose for the trip, and add a quick note. Save and ...    4 MB    Views 3111
management dow mobile requests wealth
+13    Dow Wealth Management Mobile is a fast, secure, and free service for Dow Wealth Management clients. It is optimized for iOS devices and is available 24/7. TRACK INVESTMENTS • Monitor balances and holdings. INITIATE REQUESTS • Check requests. • Consolidate accounts. • Forms requests. INVESTMENT AND INSURANCE ...    17 MB    Views 3964


+27    This App is specially designed for the small business. Set up your client files in a simple manner. List individual client details. Create invoices and financial reports. Print invoices wireless. Make your own invoice layout. Enter up invoices.    13 MB    Views 8424

IIFL Wealth

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+19    The IIFL Wealth mobile application is for clients of IIFL Wealth Management. Access your accounts, keep on top of your investments, and more on the move: Reporting of Balances. Access all Transactions. View current balance, available funds and last night's ledger ...    21 MB    Views 3975

Texas Legacy Wealth

texas wealth legacy
+5    This app allows clients of Texas Legacy Wealth Management (TLWM) to view account values, performance reports, and allocations.    4 MB    Views 2523

Momentum WIT

investment tool wealth momentum point application internet offline client online
+5    This application provides an investment tool for financial advisers which is a simple, visual pointofsale guide for voluntary and compulsory investment products available on the Momentum Wealth investment platform. It gives you easy online or offline access to a Wealth ...    7 MB    Views 3292
profile tax email work access client clients information contact connect intuit data
-7    Instantly view your client tax return data with the touch of a button. ProFile Connect allows ProFile users to securely access and view their client data and tax returns from their mobile device. ProFile Connect provides you with instant access to your ...    NAN    Views 607

Mobius Wealth

+17    Mobius Wealth is a top level mobile app offering easy access to both your RMs and their clients providing a compelling digital experience across all mobile channels. It is a whitelabelled solution that you can brand with your own logo ...    5 MB    Views 7433
wheaton partners wealth
-8    View your Wheaton Wealth Partners aggregated account valuation, performance, and reporting information, in an application developed specifically for mobile devices.    461 kb    Views 9349

Mag Life Wealth

life wealth
+2    Life & Wealth magazine, providing information on people's livelihood, finance, fashion, shopping. 民生财智杂志,提供民生,理财,时尚购物方面的资讯。    18 MB    Views 775

Treasury Management

client analysis treasury
+1    This App can be used by Commercial Banks to manage the performance and risk of their Proprietor and Client desks for FOREX, Interest Rate and Money Market trading.  Analysis areas include Client and Trader specific analysis, providing a comprehensive, consolidated ...    94 MB    Views 2088
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0    BRI Wealth Management Mobile allows you to view your BRI Wealth Management account online. If you are a client, BRI Wealth Management Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you ...    12 MB    Views 4972
planning retirement client
+4    A retirement planning app designed to make your daily work quicker and easier. RetireMax takes all the confusing and complicated calculations surrounding a wide range of planning decisions. Answer client questions quickly and efficiently; draft consistently high quality retirement plans; and save, ...    12 MB    Views 8388

SJP Wealth Account

email account wealth summary request report
+15    The SJP Wealth Account app for St. James’s Place Partners, provides you with; • Secure authentication to SJP systems • Displays an onscreen current valuation of your clients holdings • Request a Wealth Account Summary Report via email • Request a Client Summary Report ...    2 MB    Views 8039

Bennelong WP

wealth partners
+27    Bennelong Wealth Partners – a departure from traditional wealth management. The Bennelong Wealth Partners app provides clients with interactive access to their portfolio, valuations, transaction history, performance and reporting.    8 MB    Views 5209
+26    Personal wealth management based on consolidated information on wealth of individuals or families, in particular the clients of private banking, wealth management or family office services. The most important areas of the wealth management process supported by the solution include: ...    25 MB    Views 6577
forms sanlam private wealth
0    Complete Sanlam Private Wealth mandate forms directly via the eForms App. All forms can be completed on or offline.    3 MB    Views 4496
returns wealth
+6    The Avendus Wealth App for iOS gives you secure access to your investment portfolio, allowing you to view asset allocation, returns, comparison with benchmark returns and holdings conveniently at anytime from your mobile devices.    49 MB    Views 5539
view wealth
-4    Exclusively for clients of Busine, LLC. View uptodate information, balances and dynamic performance on your investments. For wealth management advice, contact the firm directly at (858) 2554274 or Busine, planning for the unfinished Business of wealth.    3 MB    Views 7020
mobile wealth
+2    The LeConte Wealth mobile app allows our asset management clients to access their investment data via their Apple device.    3 MB    Views 319
management wealth
-2    View your Redrock Wealth Management investment account holdings and performance on your mobile phone.    6 MB    Views 4119

HybridPOS 3 +API

payment client data api
-9    HybridPOS +API is a 'third party' payment processing app. The 'client app' initiates the transaction, and then calls the 'hybrid app' to process the payment. The payment data is processed in the 'hybrid app', then the results are sent back ...    6 MB    Views 6296

Wealth Projector

-9    Interactive game that allows users to create a personalised wealth report through dragging and dropping icons.    NAN    Views 3497
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-1    Stay connected to your investment goals while on the go. The UBS Wealth Management app is a new digital offering that provides Wealth Management clients of UBS Singapore and Hong Kong with access to UBS Wealth Management while on the go, ...    29 MB    Views 120


time wealth required interest
+1    This handy companion is an invaluable tool for the investor looking to build up wealth. WealthCalc will show you the enormous power of compound interest (reinvested profits) and how it manifests in several scenarios. Have WealthCalc to calculate your desired parameter in ...    155 kb    Views 6099
-3    This Mobile App allows clients of Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors to view account balances and reports across custodians plus connect with your advisor.    3 MB    Views 3702

Wealth Expert

wealth expert tips
+14    One of the most difficult points to reconcile in life is the paradox that suffering exists in this world. Suffering is eminent. Of course, what is equally important is realizing that the acquisition and possession of wealth is not a ruler ...    9 MB    Views 8891
Related Apps time email excel job client reporting data entries easy log powerful screen
-4    Track time spent on the job with this powerful, customizable and easy to use app. TimeTracker is your allinclusive time tracking and reporting application. It will simplify your life and save you money Major update includes many customer requested features. ...    6 MB    Views 9363

Point of Service

point service wealth
+9    Established in 2010, The Point of Service Pte Ltd (TPS) is a boutique Consultancy & Advisory firm whose mission is to create and protect wealth for its clients by maximising the value of their current assets in Singapore. This is the ...    29 MB    Views 9847
information portfolio mobile access data client
+1    Myddleton Croft Mobile allows you to view your Myddleton Croft account online. If you are a client, Myddleton Croft Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your ...    20 MB    Views 2635

Wealth & Beyond

+21    Wealth & Beyond is a digital magazine dedicated for HSBC customers to share information about lifestyle and wealth management. Wealth & Beyond presents the inspiring stories about education, entrepreneurship, and assist your strategic financial planning. This app also features alternative ...    6 MB    Views 6105
Related Apps management wealth financial
-6    AMJ Financial Wealth Management – Account access and performance reporting    1 MB    Views 5178

Tercero Mobile

Related Apps information portfolio access mobile data client
+11    Tercero Mobile allows you to view your Tercero account online. If you are a client, Tercero Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, you can access your client’s details and ...    20 MB    Views 6075

Appetite For Risk

investment office mutual risk wealth authority financial limited online client score
-8    This app is for UK financial advisers only. Getting your clients to understand and agree their ‘appetite for risk’ is one of the key stages in the investment process. The task of risk profiling and risk discussion can however be time ...    NAN    Views 7958


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+1    How does your net worth compare? What does it take to make it into the 99th percentile? How rich are you compared to everyone else? See where you rank against the 115 million US households. Using the latest data from the ...    25 kb    Views 7162

Sage View

business view sage client alerts access subscription data specific
0    Designed for “onthego” accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants that have an active subscription to the Sage View business intelligence dashboard solution, this app provides access to predefined alerts and an easytoview recap of client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the Sage View ...    63 MB    Views 7221

NJ Trading Account

Related Apps application wealth trading network advisors
+25    NJ Group launches NJ Online Trading. This application helps you to transact while you are on move. You can also check your Transactions & Portfolio Reports. Note: To access this application, you require loginID & password provided by NJ Wealth Advisors ...    1 MB    Views 4953

Baillie Gifford

institutional client access
-5    Baillie Gifford presents ‘Looking Back. Going Forward’, an app which delivers relevant thought pieces from senior Baillie Gifford investors to our institutional clients. To access this service you have to be an institutional client of Baillie Gifford and have a registered ...    3 MB    Views 6518

Client Axcess

client document accounting professional
+10    Connect and collaborate with CCH Client Axcess. Client Axcess brings collaboration with your accounting professional in the palm of your hands. Quickly and easily provide document management to streamline your interactions with your account professionals. With the ability to take a ...    6 MB    Views 1333
prairie advisors wealth
-7    Mobile portal for clients of Prairie Wealth Advisors to see their performance.    3 MB    Views 6453

Wealth Solutions

investment retirement solutions wealth clients financial website visit client www
+4    This is another feature offered exclusively to clients as we continue to help you build bridges to financial prosperity. You can now take Wealth Solutions with you on the go. We want to keep our clients connected, confident and informed ...    4 MB    Views 2535
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+24    The mobile application allows Wealth Management Services Inc. clients to view their daily account valuation(s), historical performance, and access to reporting information in an easy to use application developed specifically for their mobile devices.    3 MB    Views 9690
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+20    NAV Wealth Management offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' Application to authorized investors. Take the Power of Liberty with you and stay in touch with NAV Wealth Management anytime and from anywhere. Representatives and RIAs rely on Trust Company of ...    660 kb    Views 8340

IMSplus Mobility

management market investment profile security client mobility access platform wealth service
+6    PROFILE Software’s IMSplus Mobility, enables mobile access to your investment management platform. Specifically, this new module of IMSplus provides a set of client relationship and portfolio management tools, which may be whitelabeled, to better promote business and sales objectives of ...    4 MB    Views 822

RH Wealth Advisors

Related Apps investors information liberty advisors wealth user anytime client company america
+22    RH Wealth Advisors offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' Application to authorized investors. Take the Power of Liberty with you and stay in touch with RH Wealth Advisors anytime and from anywhere. Representatives and RIAs rely on Trust Company of ...    654 kb    Views 2176
mobile wealth
+14    Ritholtz Wealth Mobile allows you to view your account information, balances, and easily contact your advisor.    3 MB    Views 1076
Related Apps management ipad wealth private application
+4    The Highland Private Wealth Management iPad application enables Highland Private Wealth Management clients to access their investment metrics in a simple interface that was custom designed for the iPad using the Black Diamond Performance Reporting system. Requirements: You must be a ...    1 MB    Views 8861

Iron Point

Related Apps writing performance client account fees information data expenses parties totals
+16    This mobile application allows you to view account valuation, performance, and reporting information for authorized users, in an application developed for Iron Point Capital Management specifically for mobile devices. Information contained herein is derived from and based upon data obtained from ...    961 kb    Views 3748
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