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0    Hi, I'm Real Estate Supergirl This is what I can help you with: Give you a fresh daily/weekly/monthly update on what's happening with the real estate market Produce a video blog on hot properties downtown and weekly instructional videos Answer for ...    801 kb    Views 5792

Vesta Preferred

apartment property rent chicago real estate preferred
+11    Vesta Preferred, LLC is the leading Real Estate Firm in Chicago. The real estate professionals at Vesta Preferred are dedicated to amazing customer service. If you are looking for property in the Chicago than navigate to Vesta Preferred for your ...    5 MB    Views 5491

Property Seeker

property search home buyers real estate receive information homes
+12    For Home Buyers: Search for homes near you and receive real estate information provided by your neighborhood real estate agents. Connect with Professionals that can guide you through the home buying process. Save your favorite properties and receive updated listing ...    31 MB    Views 1088
property motivated investment investing real estate canada investor information guide sellers find
+12    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Many of us dream of becoming a real estate investor but don’t know where to start. Buying real estate in Canada can bring huge rewards but there are also risks to be aware of ...    8 MB    Views 2742

Real Estate Doctor

-2    if you have Rental and Commercial Property, the Real Estate Doctor will diagnose its financial health. This app analyzes your annual operating income and expenses and calculates all important performance ratios. You will know whether it's normal , healthy or ...    10 MB    Views 4276
+12    With Fidelity National Title's Title 123 for Colorado application, real estate professionals can get immediate property information on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a property address, owners' name, or parcel number (PIN), Title 123 for Colorado can provide real ...    3 MB    Views 1936

KW Commercial

property commercial estate real broker brokers information agent
+23    KW Commercial App Features: Search the KW Commercial listings based on your desired location Connect with your KW Office and KW Agent quickly Perform Investment Analysis, Loan and Financial Calculations Access Market Reports and Videos Complete a Property Information Request to obtain more information on ...    14 MB    Views 4507
property calculator tax calculation days real estate calculations date price
+23    Last two weeks of July Free Downloads Real Estate Agent and Investor Calculator is an easy to use app that allows you to perform quite a few calculations in regards to Real Estate and Real Estate Investments. My commitment to ...    26 MB    Views 9314

Grab Property

property singapore news board search user estate project real message screen
+14    The leading Real Estate Property App in Singapore making it easy to improve productive among salespeople to swing and cobroke with one another easily.  Key Features: Custom Searches: Add search filters like price, number of Rooms, Floor size,Property for and Location. User ...    5 MB    Views 42

BMT RepCost

+14    RepCost from BMT Tax Depreciation allows individuals to estimate the replacement cost of their property. Often when owners estimate the costs to replace a building for insurance purposes, they forget to include important items such as any demolition work and ...    6 MB    Views 6380
property investment investors quanto data information financial enter number images real
0    Quanto is assisting with calculating a property purchase. Enter data for the property of your dreams in a few simple steps and the app is provinding you with a realistic view of your financial situation. In addition to that, Quanto ...    10 MB    Views 6940


australia estate real conveyancing costs contact western
-9    WaterWays Conveyancing is an independent Settlement Agency in Mandurah Western Australia with 2 Licensed Conveyancer’s, Lyn and Rhonda. With a wealth of experience in the real estate industry and local knowledge they provide quality, friendly service. This app is a must ...    3 MB    Views 960


property find local zip code real estate directory
0    The Appraiser Directory consists of over 40,000 residential, commercial and industrial real estate appraisers nationwide. To find a local real estate appraiser simply enter the property's zip code and select the type of property. The appraisers will be listed according to the ...    7 MB    Views 6095

Agent Calculator

calculator australia facebook property tools business 2012 agents agent converter estate wide featured real
-6    No.1 in the iTunes Australian paid "Business category" 7th – 15th July 2011 Featured on REUNCUT – Monday 25th of July 2011 Featured on electric avenue – September 2012 Featured in Real Estate Business – August 2012 Used by in ...    1 MB    Views 2280

iROI Free

investment property calculator rental real roi estate free version
-7    Need a great Income Property Calculator? Want to calculate the ROI on a real estate investment, but can't find an investment property calculator that meets your needs? iROI is your answer This is the FREE version of the popular iROI app ...    159 kb    Views 679
market property search real columbia estate listing information complete listings central missouri
+14    With “Real Estate Columbia MO” the Central Missouri real estate market is on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet All homes, land, income, and commercial listings in Central Missouri, anytime, anywhere complete listing information without having to request the ...    4 MB    Views 1496

Pure Acquisitions

property calculator pure costs purchase deals
+7    PURE ACQUISITIONS – APP All the function of the Pure Acquisitions website in an APP. Use the app to search for Property, calculate your property purchase costs including our unique Refurbishment calculator. The Pure Acquisitions App also provides you with a Mortgage ...    NAN    Views 7355
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+11    IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: U.S. Customers Please See U.S. Edition Are you interested in Real Estate as an investment? Do you want to profitably analyze a rental property and minimize mistakes before you buy? Professionally analyze properties with the most comprehensive mobile BUY AND ...    14 MB    Views 9738
+16    Are you looking for an investment/rental property and want an EasytoUse app to do quick evaluations of feasibility? Are you tired of the detailed finance apps that require you to manually type in all the various costs/amounts via the keypad? ...    3 MB    Views 6885
Related Apps property investing sale money time estate real information buying homes
+12    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW What happens when a homeowner dies and the heirs want to liquidate the property quickly? This brand new guide is a complete manual of everything you need to know about probate real estate investing. Studying ...    8 MB    Views 4200

Land Agent for iPad

Related Apps business property ipad time land agent reports clients information client real american
+14    American Eagle Title Group and Buffalo Land Abstract are proud to introduce a custom developed and powerful new real estate analytics tool to the market. Meet the American Eagle “Land Agent”. The Land Agent is a proprietary technology that gives ...    4 MB    Views 12

NC Tax Pro

Related Apps tax email search property car estate real taxes auto send calculate information
+25    NC Tax Pro is designed for real estate and auto professionals and other users who desire its expanded features. For Real Estate pros, you can calculate a client’s projected total property taxes: home, cars and boat and send them a customized email detailing their taxes. Also ...    10 MB    Views 5519

Real Estate Pro

property house rental investment real estate built afford application study
-3    There are over thirty functions included in this app. Welcome to your Real Estate Decision Support System for Residential, Commercial, Investors and Property Owners. If you are a realtor, a real estate student, an investor, a buyer, a real estate owner, ...    10 MB    Views 6485
property search ipad iphone map sale time information title chicago direct address real properties parcel
+26    With the CHICAGO TITLE DIRECT application, Real Estate professionals can get immediate property information for the Pacific Northwest on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a Property Address, Owners name, Parcel Number or search Nearby Properties, CHICAGO TITLE DIRECT can ...    541 kb    Views 3873
+2    Become a smarter and more efficient real estate investor with Property Flip Start to Finish. This free app enables you to evaluate potential rehab properties and manage ongoing rehab projects. Features: Quickly evaluate potential rehab properties to enable you to make smarter ...    47 MB    Views 4422
Related Apps property investment ipad search calculator investors software quick data evaluator easy real estate estimated
+10    One of the most challenging tasks after finding a piece of property is to evaluate the property to find out if it makes financial sense to purchase it. Whether it is to renovate and flip the property, or rent it ...    3 MB    Views 3340
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+4    I am a professional in Singapore real estate, and I can help you to choose the "right" property in Singapore whether you are an experienced investor, a first time buyer or a foreigner looking to move into Singapore. My ...    15 MB    Views 5344

Property Calculator

+2    A must for Australian property investors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, accountants and property developers. The Washington Brown Depreciation Calculator is Australia’s first iPhone app to assist with the calculation and estimation of tax depreciation deductions available on certain Australian residential ...    19 MB    Views 9647
Related Apps property valuation cash easy powerful real steps analysis ratio
0    1,2,3 Property Valuation is an essential app for real estate investors, brokers, and lenders onthego 1,2,3 Property Valuation is a powerful screening tool, Comprehensive financial analysis app that analyzes the cash flow of real estate investments, leases, and loans. With 1,2,3, Property ...    4 MB    Views 7562

David Watkins

sale property home management sales estate top real valley david dollar
+3    David Watkins and his team of licensed agents specialize in the listing and sale of homes in Calabasas and surrounding areas, and are the top REO Team in the Ventura and North Los Angeles Counties. We are qualified professionals with ...    14 MB    Views 1992


market property measure ncreif quarterly operating estate real series
+13    NCREIF has created three new data series derived from commercial properties that qualify for the flagship NCREIF Property Index (NPI). All properties in the NPI have been acquired and managed on behalf of taxexempt institutional investors, principally pubic and private ...    2 MB    Views 8013

Rental Manager SP

Related Apps property rental time report real easy estate agent
+1    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    2 MB    Views 2910
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+28    The first Real estate purchase costs calculator for iPhone, realised in cooperation with Mag. Andreas Baumgartner, MBA, a real estate professional in Carinthia and Styria. Enter the purchase price, the loan amount and the purchase contract costs and get quickly the ...    NAN    Views 3003

Rehab Calc

property money loan costs profit hard change calc closing
-6    Description The perfect tool for investors, rehabbers and realtors deciding which property to purchase and how much it will cost to carry the property using Hard Money Loans (Interim Financing) until it is sold or rented and refinanced. Rehab Calc is ...    486 kb    Views 6609

NC Tax Lite

tax property email map north carolina taxes lite counties real pay
+6    How much are you paying in property taxes? NC Tax Lite is a quick and simple way to calculate and total all of your North Carolina property tax bills and email this tax report to any contact. It has tax rates for North Carolina’s ...    10 MB    Views 2596

DealCheck: Rentals

Related Apps investment investors rental rent email photos time property properties costs real analyze estate view
+28    Tired of using outdated Excel spreadsheets or bloated software to analyze investment real estate? DealCheck: Rentals is the only tool you will ever need for analyzing, comparing and sharing rental properties. It’s a perfect mobile solution for both novice and ...    5 MB    Views 9134
canadian property investment ipad investors magazine real estate wealth issues subscribe
+2    iPad subscribers get it FIRST Get access to Canada’s most influential property investment magazine, Canadian Real Estate Wealth, as soon as the editor wraps up the magazine. No need to wait for mailing download your issues directly from your iPad before ...    4 MB    Views 1240

Calabasas Homes

-4    David Watkins and his team of licensed agents specialize in the listing and sale of homes in Calabasas and surrounding areas, and are the top REO Team in the Ventura and North Los Angeles Counties. We are qualified professionals with ...    16 MB    Views 2352
property map estate real rich analyzer properties expenses income analysis
-5    The Rich Mom Property Analyzer will help you figure out if a real estate property is worth investing in. Based on the principle of Rich Mom Savannah Ross' Real Estate Success System, you will be able to map out the ...    344 kb    Views 5244
Related Apps property search properties real estate maybank finder agent call quick
+16    Search for the latest property listing using Maybank's Property Finder. Do a quick search for properties in Malaysia which are for sale or rent. Commercial property listings are also available if you are looking for a new office premise. The ...    7 MB    Views 4960


investment property sale rent rental costs real estate calculation operating net
-1    BEOSinvest has received the award "real estate idea 2012" from AIZ With BEOSinvest The Property Quick Check, you can decide within seconds whether a real estate investment makes sense. Use the preset assumptions or customize your own calculation ...    9 MB    Views 8483
investing money time property investment estate real investments free guide
0    Get instant access to the latest No Money Down real estate investments available right now FREE Limited Time Only Reg. 1.99 Special FREE There's no doubt that if you become a real estate investor you are on a proven path to wealth. More millionaires ...    6 MB    Views 3207
property email time maps properties real estate screen analyzer information analyze
+28    Are you interested in Real Estate as an investment? Do you want to profitably analyze a rental property and minimize mistakes before you buy? Professionally analyze properties with the most comprehensive mobile BUY AND HOLD property analyzer available on the app store. IMPORTANT: ...    11 MB    Views 8126
Related Apps property search iphone ipad time pacific title coast mobile information properties real address
-8    With the Pacific Coast Mobile Title application, Real Estate professionals can get immediate property information on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a Property Address, Owners Name, Assessors Parcel Number (APN) or search Near by Properties, Pacific Coast Mobile Title ...    4 MB    Views 5508
investing property rental work people estate real wealth investments income ways provide
-8    Discover How Real Estate Investments Can Explode Your Wealth For people who want to acquire a proven wealth stream, real estate investing is a sure way to do it. Think about this for a moment: Have you ever wondered why some people ...    266 kb    Views 5871
investing investment property calculator tools money real estate mortgage free learn
+1    Free investing in real estate course We will teach you how to Invest in Real Estate and earn real and big money doing that like the smart investors. RealEstate investing property zillowmania Buying property as an investment is a big deal ...    4 MB    Views 3332


calculator home email shopping iphone property navigation loan loans costs mortgage apr rate compare
+15    Borrowers: Shopping for a refinance or new loan? iAPR will help you compare loans wisely and save. With iAPR, you can shop for loans with confidence. iAPR will tell you which loan has the higher overall costs. iAPR will tell ...    1 MB    Views 4287
property ncreif index real returns estate estimated based transaction
-6    The NCREIF TransactionBased Index is estimated from NCREIF Property Index property sales in each quarter. As such, returns are provided for office, retail, apartment, and industrial properties. Additionally, estimated returns are grouped by geographic regions: west, south, midwest, and east. ...    2 MB    Views 7778
Related Apps property investment investors news research real estate investments properties international free
-6    Torcana is an award winning property investment firm that now offers its unique property investment advice and services on your iPhone for FREE Whether you are a beginner and starting to learn property investments or a real estate investment expert, the ...    11 MB    Views 9140
property home finance calculator australia history suburb loan charts real estate
+2    Are you buying a property in Australia? This app has been developed for clients of Australian Property Finance nationally who are partnered with the RE/MAX Australia Real Estate group. This application is perfect for anyone interested in the property market in ...    NAN    Views 790

Appraisal App

property home free real current estate suburb local appraisal properties
-2    My Property Value brings you a simple way to obtain a Free Home Property Appraisal delivered right to your inbox within 48 Hours. You may also view the latest Suburb Performance report for any Suburb Australia wide for Free. Free Home ...    NAN    Views 8739
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0    Are You Ready to Discover the Astonishing Secrets of How to Make Massive Profits in Real Estate Investing? Did you know that real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle? Well, it’s true. Of course, you can't just jump on ...    345 kb    Views 4707
property ebook people library market estate real selling learn guide insider find book discover information
-2    If you're set on greatly increasing your odds at Discovering how to exploit the profit potential of real estate... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read Who Else Wants To Learn How To Price Your Property Right ...    725 kb    Views 5424
property profile search iphone ipad time information title pocket address real properties
-3    With Ticor Title's Pocket Profile application, real estate professionals can get immediate property information on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a property address, owners' name, assessor's parcel number (APN) or search nearby properties, Ticor Title's Pocket Profile can provide ...    2 MB    Views 2455
Related Apps property investment cash flow rates real income desired analysis estate
+2    Intelligent design to quickly and easily determine several aspects of a potential investment property. Calculations Designed specifically for: Single Family Homes Multifamily Apartment Complexes Mobile Home Parks Supports Cash Flow analysis of any residential or commercial real estate. Input your desired Return On Investment or desired Cash ...    7 MB    Views 8637
motivated property real estate give information seller buy
+8    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Real estate investment experts will tell you two of the key factors in ensuring good profits from property are the location and finding a motivated seller. A motivated seller will always give you the ...    8 MB    Views 8300
property estate find real finally immobilien consulting
-9    Blumenauer Consulting Immobilien You finally want to find YOUR real estate property in the RhineMain MetropolitanRegion? Or do you need the right strategy to successfully sell your real estate property? Harald Blumenauer and his team can tell you quickly and uncomplicated how ...    12 MB    Views 2959
Related Apps property lawyers search iphone ipad time information title address properties real parcel
+7    With Lawyers Title's Property Now application, real estate professionals can get immediate property information on their iPhone or iPad. By entering a property address, owners' name, assessor's parcel number (APN) or search nearby properties, Lawyers Title Property Now can provide ...    12 MB    Views 9381
property person apps party email claim real front transfer
+7    Quit Claim Pro – Draft your Quit Claim Deed like a Professional In just a few minutes, you can create a real legal quitclaim deed to transfer real property from one person or company to another person, company, entity or group. ...    4 MB    Views 883
calculator property investors agent real squared
+6    If you are a buying or selling a house, a real estate agent, real estate investor or a mortgage broker this is the app for you. An app with a variety of calculators specifically designed for realestate agents, investors and home ...    2 MB    Views 277
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