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+9    This app is produced by the Information Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It provides the latest contents of the government ebulletin website Roundtheclock Hong Kong news; Video news; Features; Official government press releases; and Local weather report and forecast. is ...    4 MB    Views 1557
+6    Zurich Quote iPhone app brings our IFAs and brokers onestop protection solutions to customers. The app gives you access to the below features: International Term Assurance (ITA) premium estimation Protection needs calculator Latest promotion information on ITA The app is developed by Zurich International Life ...    NAN    Views 4798
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+18    KGI HK Mobile Trader (AAStocks) is the official mobile securities trading and information platform offered by KGI Hong Kong. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services and allows you to access the latest market information wherever and whenever ...    16 MB    Views 3983
+1    "Can't believe what a good deal Nutshel is I normally pay several hundred dollars a year for financial analysis, but I'm getting far more value from Nutshel" Nutshel is the most powerful stock analysis tool on the iPad. If you are ...    10 MB    Views 159

Beltone Trade

market stock research time news investment clients financial real
+2    Experience the power of trading the Egyptian Exchange with BeltoneTrade. Beltone Trade keeps you updated with market trends to help you make better investment decisions and execute trades at your fingertips. BeltoneTrade for iOS offers free delayed access for market statistics, stock ...    21 MB    Views 5592


money time expenses income data system entry financial common built
+17    Miniconta is the quick and easy way to manage your money. Enter your expenses at any time in seconds. Control your income, expenses, debts and assets and find out what happens to your money. Consult your financial situation right away, ...    2 MB    Views 5273
securities limited company kong customers hong resources
+4    Fulixin Securities Limited has been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission licensed to carry on Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activity, also the participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company ...    7 MB    Views 6042
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+30    ============================= PLEASE MAIL ANY PROBLEMS / QUESTIONS / SUGGESTIONS Easy Financial Calculator is the one place to get all the financial calculators. ============================= For phone and tablet, this application includes the following financial calculators. Search through calculators easily. Bond Value Calculator....Bond Price, Yield ...    2 MB    Views 9762

Finance Toolkit

finance time investment financial templates toolkit spreadsheets understand model spreadsheet
-6    Finance Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of touchbased investment spreadsheets and modeling templates. Equipped with over 50 financial templates in many different categories of finance, it significantly improves the productivity of investors and analysts on financial calculation, modeling and analysis. ...    46 MB    Views 8849
+6    Now you can trade and monitor your stock portfolio anytime, anywhere while enjoying FREE real time quotes with Breeze Trade Now you are empowered to grasp every investment opportunity and have it synchronized with your online account real time. Here are ...    20 MB    Views 2362
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0    Pocket Finance is a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all ...    5 MB    Views 3736
sun kong life hong
-9    SunGallery is an ebookshelf of Sun Life Hong Kong targeting for the public, Sun Life customers and advisors, on which we have Sun Life Hong Kong's latest corporate information, sponsorship details and product offerings.    42 MB    Views 8825


market investment information hong kong portfolio quotes securities trading latest
+3    First Securities (HK) Limited launched the latest investment information and mobile trading platform. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and allows you to grasp the latest market trend. Also, you can check your global market portfolio wherever and whenever you ...    17 MB    Views 5902


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0    ‘EPFR’ (also known as Electronic Personal Financial Review) is a factfind toolkit application designed and developed by Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, specially for our financial advisory consultants in Singapore. This application provides a seamless process between sales advisory and backoffice ...    3 MB    Views 7590
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-8    This powerful App has been developed by the team at Solomons IFA to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. Using the ...    18 MB    Views 3721

Time Vault

time iphone money vault data financial future csv bank
+4    Useful calculator or just art? It is believed the Time Vault mechanism was left by an ancient alien civilisation or it may have crossed over from a parallel universe. Its origins are uncertain but if you can crack Time Vault, ...    15 MB    Views 2376


Related Apps market stock chinese investment trading hong financial kong
+18    「SHKF eMO」 是新鴻基金融集團(「新鴻基金融」)的官方流動交易應用程式,提供專業的港股交易服務,更可直達我們的期貨交易以及新鴻基「匯款易」環球網上匯款平台。 「SHKF eMO」是免費的應用程式,毋須註冊,功能包括即按式實時港股報價、港股市場資訊、獨家新鴻基金融市場評論、股票/ETFs/認股證/牛熊證、虛擬投資組合、監察表、港股互動技術圖表、十大港股成交升跌/成交量、世界環球指數、新鴻基外匯即市外幣匯率、港股到價提示等。 全部功能皆支援簡體中文、繁體中文及英文。如果您已於新鴻基金融集團開立港股交易帳戶,更可登入交易平台即時查詢帳戶結餘和遞交各種有關款項、股票及股東權責等指示。 投資涉及風險。投資者應明了所有投資均涉及風險,故在作出任何投資決定前,應詳細閱讀有關之風險披露聲明。 SHKF eMO is an official mobile trading application provided by Sun Hung Kai Financial (“SHKF”). SHKF eMO provides professional securities trading services for the Hong Kong market with direct linkages to our futures trading platform “FMO”, and ...    20 MB    Views 717
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-9    "One of the 5 best financial apps.” CNNMoney "Cuts through the complexity of retirement investing.” Reuters Get a personalized financial checkup in 2 minutes. The advice 200,000 households use to grow 26 billion. Upgrade to Managed Investing to save even more ...    23 MB    Views 157


-5    MarketMaster, the most comprehensive product of mFINANCE, is dedicated to providing 24x7 Forex and Bullion realtime information, including charts, news, analysis, economic data, currency converter, volatility/price alert and forum. With this comprehensive app on forex and bullion, you can get ...    19 MB    Views 3843


tax time return information easy refund financial phone simple
+11    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket FlashTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your Tax return using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents on your phone ...    NAN    Views 782
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+14    Looking for a fast and simple way to track your cash? You found it. Download it now for free. The world’s fastest way to track Where, When, How much and What you purchased Studies show that keeping track of your spending make ...    9 MB    Views 2987
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+5    Michael MacDonald Financial offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' Application to our Clients with Trust Company of America. Take the Power of Liberty with you and stay in touch with Michael MacDonald Financial anytime and from anywhere. Clients can rely ...    878 kb    Views 4900


time background color financial incomes expenses statistical red
-5    Extremely simple. Slight slide down to record expenses/incomes. Background color will be changed along with your expenses/incomes. You can tell your financial status directly from the background color. Pay attention if your background color turns red or deep red. ...    3 MB    Views 3194
Related Apps ipad business time online exact access insight receipts financial invoices anytime
0    Exact Online is the online business software. You can work completely in the cloud. With Exact Online for iPad you have 24/7 worldwide access to your key financials and account information. Features like invoice scanning help you operate even more ...    7 MB    Views 1791

DBSV mTrading

0    DBS Vickers mTrading mobile app allows you to trade anytime, anywhere. Its intuitive design and realtime features give you access to key stock markets on the go. With DBSV mTrading, you can : Trade in key stock markets of Singapore, Hong ...    23 MB    Views 3013
Related Apps investors time information liberty financial account access rias user client
+18    LifePointe Financial Partners offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' application to authorized investors, their representatives and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Take the power of Liberty with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of ...    8 MB    Views 5258


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+25    ICBC International Holdings Limited (“ICBC International”) is the whollyowned investment banking subsidiary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Committed to provide comprehensive, convenient, efficient and secure securities investment services to our corporate and individual clients in People’s Republic ...    9 MB    Views 350


+29    THE ONLY FREE INCOME TAX CALCULATOR IN HONG KONG. Taxmate is yet another income tax calculator, but it provides the users with a beautiful and userfriendly interface, which hugely facilitates their income tax calculation. Taxmate aims to integrate income tax calculation of ...    2 MB    Views 3222


stock market investors analysis kong price view hong system sell
-8    ABZY is a brand new toolset to view the Hong Kong Stock Market. It is based on all innovative concepts which would excel most conventional technical analysis tools. By adopting extensive data mining and patterns analysis, the ABZY market view would ...    NAN    Views 184
time research stock stocks analysis fundamental load data financial potential
-3    Stocks+ is the most powerful stock analysis tool on the iPhone. If you are a sophisticated investor who uses fundamental analysis, Stocks+ is the app for you. Stocks+ was created by a team of equity research analysts from top investment banks, ...    11 MB    Views 1120


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+8    WealthBar makes online investing simple and easy. Our expert portfolio managers manage your investments for you using timetested diversified portfolio strategies and at a cost that is a fraction of what expensive mutual funds and traditional financial advisors charge you. ...    15 MB    Views 1974
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+2    CoinCalc Hong Kong Edition allows you to easily calculate the value of all those Hong Kong coins you have lying around. Simply tap on the coins to add them to the total value. Other features: • Individual count displays for each coin • Count ...    356 kb    Views 9599
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-6    China Everbright Securities Hong Kong Golden Sunshine (International) HD is a platform connecting the China network with the Hong Kong securities market. This platform is simple and userfriendly, with allarounded stock quotes, news and trading functions.    16 MB    Views 6748


stock time options hong kong forex poems futures real call
+7    POEMS Mobile is tailormade for our clients to gain access to a multiproduct trading platform. In POEMS mobile you can get realtime quote and create your own portfolio instantly for a basket of products including Hong Kong Stock, Hong Kong ...    24 MB    Views 4980
audio money time kids financial book life step
+18    Find out why The New York Times says, "The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness hits the nail on the head. Brian Nelson Ford breaks the trend and delivers an educational, enjoyable, and refreshing read for anyone who wants to get ...    143 MB    Views 5254
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-1    mFINANCE – a free real time Gold, Silver and Forex markets information center This is an mobile application that provides 7x24 Gold, Silver and Forex real time information, which include charts, news and analysis. With such an comprehensive apps on forex ...    14 MB    Views 144


time ratios return financial feature employee debts index summary indices
+18    With this application you can calculate, using data from the financial statements of a company, a large amount of financial ratios in order to control, monitor and evaluate the profitability of a company. The feature that distinguishes it most is ...    6 MB    Views 9254

WeakRisk FX

0    What is WeakRisk FX? WeakRisk FX is an innovative tool for trading on the Forex market, able to identify , 24 hours per day, the main trends of the market in both phases: directional and lateral. This algorithm is property of ...    13 MB    Views 3398
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+6    This new free finance and tax app has been developed by the team at ClearSky Pub Solutions to provide the licensed trade with access to important financial information and tools 24/7. It’s packed with features to make the lives of busy ...    24 MB    Views 9438

Expenses Tracker

Related Apps time expenses financial
+20    Expensit is a simple and beautiful utility to help you keep track of your financial inputs and outputs. It provides matrix summaries that will let you browse your expenses yearly, monthly, daily and finally a list of all the entries. In ...    1 MB    Views 7411

Manulife HD

Related Apps investment ipad time management manulife widget performance financial features kong hong
-1    From now on, tracking investment performance will be so much easier. Manulife Widget HD is an innovative tool to keep track of the performance of your investment in Manulife Hong Kong, including all mutual funds, investmentlinked assurance schemes and MPF funds, ...    NAN    Views 9466


time game play player players financial investor
+13    Come and play the best turnbased financial game. Play with up to 4 players in a single match. Libertus is a 24 multiplayer game. You can play with your friends or with a random player. It’s possible that you might have a ...    15 MB    Views 2538

The My Expenses

Related Apps time currency financial expenses keeping notes easy transactions review simple
0    The My Expenses a simple and easytouse application for keeping record of income and expenditure, currency exchange and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any ...    3 MB    Views 1474
time financial aid indiana college information costs great estimator
0    The Indiana College Costs Estimator (ICCE) mobile app has been designed to help firsttime undergraduates better understand what kind of financial aid you may be eligible to receive and how financial aid can affect your actual cost of attending college. ...    22 MB    Views 4249
Related Apps time market stock free real financial hong information analysis
+13    AASTOCKS is the most authoritative financial information and analysis solutions provider in Hong Kong and has been well recognized by investors. According to comScore statistics 2012, AASTOCKS always has the highest impression count among all Hong Kong’s financial websites. Stock Quote ...    26 MB    Views 6105

Simplex FX

time consulting application exchange system requests comments financial charts provider
+13    Simplex FX is a foreign exchange (FX) analysis tool. You can access realtime FX rates and charts. By inputting your positions, you can also check your profit and loss status. Main Features and Functions of the tool: 13 Major Currency Pairs RealTime ...    6 MB    Views 9957
Related Apps china kong platform hong securities
-4    China Everbright Securities Hong Kong Golden Sunshine (International) is a platform connecting the China network with the Hong Kong securities market. This platform is simple and userfriendly, with allarounded stock quotes, news and trading functions.    19 MB    Views 1346
market finance futures bright smart hong global kong options features phone
+11    iPhone版MegaHub期貨交易平台直播耀才財經台, 由郭思治 (郭Sir) 及專業財經分析團隊親自醒您投資貼士, 更即時接聽觀眾電話, 助你洞悉市場先機, 抓緊每個致勝機會。 主要功能包括: 現場直播耀才財經台節目 香港期貨/期權及環球期貨買賣服務 (新增快速交易指示及即時成交記錄圖表) 即時查詢戶口結餘及買賣情況 香港期貨/期權及環球期貨(外匯、指數、貴金屬、能源、農產品、食品及債券)報價 耀才最新推廣優惠詳情 各分行地址及聯絡電話 告示板 Our new iPhone version for Bright Smart Securities MegaHub futures trading provides the latest updates of Hong Kong and global market futures via our exclusive “Bright ...    5 MB    Views 4970
Related Apps finance budget time currency notes financial information expenses transactions easy review
-1    Finance+ a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Income and expenses: one balance for all ...    4 MB    Views 6979
Related Apps time cashflow game financial statement deal give speed
+11    THIS IS NOT A GAME (Sorry, we didn’t mean to yell but we wanted to make sure you knew.) This app is to be used WITH the CASHFLOW tabletop game. Breathe new life into your CASHFLOW tabletop experience Set aside your ...    4 MB    Views 9056


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
+2    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    921 kb    Views 9432
Related Apps research time application financial group institutional clients username
+3    The SFG Equity Research App offers Susquehanna Financial Group, LLLP’s institutional clients easy access to the firm’s investment research virtually anywhere, at any time. In addition to providing research as it is published, this application will also allow you to search ...    1 MB    Views 6577
calculator money investment time calculators financial estimate loan collections insurance
-7    "Financial Calculator Collections" Enjoy our Fast, Financial Calculators. Need to determine a Loan payments? How much to save for retirement?How much should I be saving for college?????? Get this App. Estimate how the future payments affect your financial status. Estimate how much ...    3 MB    Views 2487
Related Apps business iphone time markets cnbc application financial moneycontrol mobile global
-6    The Markets on Mobile app is your gateway to all critical realtime information about Indian and global markets through your iPhone. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find ...    14 MB    Views 4600
Related Apps investment management singapore market ipad research ubs wealth application client hong kong access
+14    Stay connected to your investment goals while on the go. The UBS Wealth Management app is a new digital offering that provides Wealth Management clients of UBS Singapore and Hong Kong with access to UBS Wealth Management while on the go, ...    29 MB    Views 120
program golf mastercard life prestige kong hong courses benefits cardholders
-7    Description: The MasterCard PRESTIGE FOR LIFE program The program includes a range of leading hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and other merchants who have offered exclusive packages and valueadded benefits especially for Platinum, Titanium, Commercial and World MasterCard cardholders. To enjoy the benefits, ...    11 MB    Views 5239

QPI-Mobile HK

chinese stock news major hang seng charts listed kong hong
+5    realtime streaming Hong Kong stock quotes service prices of all listed Hong Kong stocks and major Hang Seng index futures, Hang Seng family indices, stock market news and listed company news major features include intraday charts, daily candlestick charts, ...    4 MB    Views 4141
dictionary time financial terms term find definition definitions easy
+12    Financial terms dictionary provides clear, easytounderstand definitions of over 15000 financial terms that every financial students, professionals and consumers need. Look up a financial definition, term or abbreviation in a blog or article or news story that you aren't sure ...    6 MB    Views 3373
investment retirement time financial investments advisors freedom individuals resources
-2    About Allos Investment Advisors, LLC: Serving as a fiduciary and deriving compensation on a feeonly basis, Allos Investment Advisors, LLC provides actively managed investment portfolios suited to the unique needs of an investor. We believe that individuals should focus both on ...    11 MB    Views 4285


Related Apps time planning creative financial firms mobile real
+1    The Creative Technologies Mobile Suite is a secure application which enables professional financial planning firms to use all their financial planning, business management and real time trading applications through one mobile hub and synchronise this with their own back office. In ...    4 MB    Views 2797
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