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Best Mode quote stock Apps | FINANCE-appsios

+3    ▪ Want to turn your iPad / iPhone / iPod into a very special streamingstockquote clock? ▪ Want to monitor stock market and view large ClockStyle and fullscreen streaming quote while doing something else around? Now you've got this handy Stock ...    14 MB    Views 7865

+1 provides a hassle free and easytouse online insurance portal where you can find the right products to suit your needs by comparing key benefits and prices side by side. We aim to offer you a transparent onestop shop for ...    1 MB    Views 8650

Quote 500 - 2013

van quote het 500 dat deze een families
0    Wie zijn ’s lands rijkste inwoners? Waar komt hun vermogen vandaan? En wonen er ook miljonairs bij u in de buurt? Deze app geeft u de antwoorden én onbeperkt toegang tot de complete Quote 500database. Daarnaast krijgt u met deze rijkenapp ...    53 MB    Views 9467

Acc Calculator

+6    Acc Calculator offers basic arithmetics with two line display and paper tape. Displays the calculation formula with its result at the same time. Beautiful interface design with big button. Features: Big buttons for ease of use. Two line display 10 digits ...    7 MB    Views 9737


quote insurance mortgage quotes rate scenarios save premium custom
+15    Mortgage Insurance rate quotes that are speedy, simple and straightforward, MGIC mortgage insurance (MI) is the perfect tool for the loan officer on the go. Determine mortgage insurance rates in just seconds with minimal information. Compare a rate quote to ...    3 MB    Views 6003
Related Apps stock time clock market ipad quotes real quote mode flip trading
+30    Stock Flip Quote brings you Real Time live stock quotes in a unique clocklike style and instantly turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a beautiful and convenient stock quotes displaying board. This specially designed Stock Flip Quote displays stock quotes ...    14 MB    Views 7500

Draw Line

+28    Build your data to draw lines Five mode you can build: X:Number Y:Number X:Date Y:Number X:Number Y:Date X:Name Y:Number X:Number Y:Name Arranged in groups of 5 models You can delete single projects or single data You can draw multiple lines (up to 6 lines) You can copy a project You can ...    717 kb    Views 2197
Related Apps family clients interactive sales interview insurance protected quote
0    Foresters™ Family Protection App provides advisors with an easytouse interactive tool to help guide their clients through an insurance sales interview focused on protected the family from life’s uncertainties. Give your sales interview more impact by providing your clients with an ...    22 MB    Views 4491


business quote insurance companies bid details save
+12    Save your details once and get the lowest hands on motor insurance quote. QuoteLocker enables insurance companies to bid for your business, instead of you searching for the best quote. Save your details in the App once and a direct feed ...    2 MB    Views 4420
+29    V.A.T. Calculator Pro is designed with quality and functionality in mind. It is a unique VAT calculator that is easy to use, accurate and attractive. It comes equipped with a fully functional calculator, the ability to save lists of items and ...    NAN    Views 1082


calculator history stack mode calculation normal pages numbers powerful
+13    PushCalc is a powerful and easy to use calculator, which has the following unique features. 1. POWERFUL STACK You can push or pop numbers on the stack instead of memory in a normal calculator. The stack has a hundred of depth and a ...    1 MB    Views 5031

CLIC Quote

Related Apps quote life columbus company insurance
0    Newly updated with 2014 rates, Columbus Life Insurance Company's CLIC Quote allows appointed producers to quickly quote Voyager UL and Nautical Term plans for their clients. Use of this app requires a security key available through the Columbus Life Sales ...    3 MB    Views 7892

Let's share!

Related Apps amount share fixed mode enter payment application balance
-4    This is an application that helps you easily and quickly to share your bill. There are some ways to share as below: Share alike. Specify a fixed paid amount for female and the rest share fairly for male and vice ...    9 MB    Views 9244


mission mode boss speed shop event game tank
+8    "Tank action game with full of reality, Machine Wars" Let's enjoy a realistic tank shooting game with its easy control specialized to the iPhone and iPod Touch event : Catch soccer ball and Let's have double point Feature Tutorial Mode, Mission Mode, ...    NAN    Views 9663
Related Apps business insurance clients track commission details vehicle quote
+2    At Dotsure we believe shortcuts are good This is why we have created an app exclusively for our business partners, it also happens to be easy, fun and convenient to use. As a business partner you can now monitor and manage ...    5 MB    Views 6061

Currency +

time history currency rates exchange converter mode offline currencies
+23    Over 70 supported currencies, real time exchange rates, offline mode and much more: Currency Plus is an awesome currency converter Features: Realtime Exchange Rates Over 70 Currencies New Currencies are added by support within an hour of notification Offline Mode Exchange ...    412 kb    Views 3584

EZ Stock Quote

news stock market calendar portfolio option quote portfolios
+14    • Stock Quote and multiple portfolios • Realtime, afterhour, premarket quotes for NYSE and NASDAQ stocks • Technical charts with different types and indicators • Track your portfolios with shares and cost • Stock option and option chain • Market overview with indexes, funds, ETF, ...    12 MB    Views 4042
health insurance visa super minimum coverage quote
0    One of the requirements for obtaining the Super Visa is travel health insurance. Applicants must submit proof that they have purchased private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company which offers a minimum of 100,000 in coverage for health care, ...    NAN    Views 4249


+10    WealthQuotes is a collection of the essential money management and wealth creation principles all wealthy people use to get, and stay, wealthy. They contain timetested financial wisdom to help you create the financial freedom you want for yourself. These beautiful cards ...    5 MB    Views 3099


car home insurance claim send discounts documents quote
+13    With the EricksonParsley Insurance app, you can now get a quote on car or home insurance right on your phone, submit photos for a claim, send documents, receive referral discounts, and much more. It will save you time and effort ...    10 MB    Views 2037
Related Apps time insurance life cover quote form easy quotes
+14    Hi, I'm your personal lifeguard My name is Mr. Life Insurance and I'm here here to find you the best Life Insurance cover at the cheapest price I'm working with the top insurers in the country to give you unbeatable insurance cover ...    1 MB    Views 2588

PushCalc Free

calculator history stack mode calculation numbers normal free powerful
+4    PushCalc Free is a free version of PushCalc, a powerful and easy to use calculator, which has the following unique features. 1. POWERFUL STACK You can push or pop numbers on the stack instead of memory in a normal calculator. The stack has ...    3 MB    Views 256
Related Apps stock clock market time iphone ipad quote mode color streaming price touch
-7    ▪ Want to turn your iPad / iPhone / iPod into a very special streamingstockquote clock? ▪ Want to monitor stock market and view large ClockStyle and fullscreen streaming quote while doing something else around? Now you've got this handy Stock ...    14 MB    Views 9867
Related Apps time work log pro ultimate data export mode landscape
+18    Work Log Ultimate Pro Time Tracking made fun. Work Log Ultimate Pro is a simple time tracking app that makes management of hours and earnings fun Keep track of your hours and earnings with Work Log Ultimate Pro. Set up ...    5 MB    Views 855

The Business Quote

+7    If you're a small business owner or a freelancer, who wants to send quotes, project bids and estimates while you're on the job, Business Quote is an easy to use app for you. Business Quote for iPad allows you to ...    23 MB    Views 8890

Currency Watcher

chinese currency rates mode dollars watcher conversion enter overview japanese
+15    Currency Watcher (formerly Currencies) is market leader in currency rates tracking and conversion. With 2.0 update it is even better than before and really beats other currency converters. Just rotate your device to landscape mode to see history. You can find ...    672 kb    Views 3486
Related Apps calculator iphone 12c mode financial platinum functions features calculation original
0    The Platinum version of the industrystandard HP 12c Financial Calculator adds the choice of timesaving RPN or traditional algebraic data entry as well as convenient editing features such as “backspace” and “undo” keys. Built with the same algorithms and calculation ...    1 MB    Views 4790
+30    Stack Calc is the best RPN calculator. It is beautiful to look at, simple and solid to use, and adds a few "why didn't I think of that" features to the old RPN calculator. OS X's calculator has an RPN mode, ...    2 MB    Views 84


time real hong 2277 kong options quote
-5    PHK PATS is tailormade for our clients to gain access to a derivatives trading platform. With PHKPATS, you can get realtime quote and create your own portfolio instantly for a basket of products including Hong Kong/Oversea Futures and Options. Powerful features ...    6 MB    Views 9198

GEICO Mobile

Related Apps policy mobile manage quote easy view super claim
+4    GEICO Mobile: Stunning. Simple. Smart. Application supports all Apple devices. Includes many tools that allow you to manage your insurance needs with ease even before you are a GEICO customer Policyholders: Access to all your GEICO policies at your fingertips. View your ID cards the ...    30 MB    Views 3096

Dynamo for iOS

Related Apps work offline ios mode items important data access add
+6    Completely redesigned to meet the latest technology standards and optimized to ensure that you make the most of your daily workflow, Dynamo for iOS lets you bring all your important Dynamo data with you while on the go. Its enhanced ...    2 MB    Views 711
driver car driving insurance quote
-4    Do you have driving convictions? Do you need help when it comes to wanting a cheaper car insurance quote? Well help is at hand with the Rainbow convicted driver car insurance app. Our app puts you in touch with the best ...    NAN    Views 1832

Tip Simple

party tip simple mode tipping custom information percentage standards common
-9    Tip Simple is a convenient, easytouse tip calculator application with a Simple and Custom tipping mode. Additionally we've included tipping standards for the United States to help with common questions about tip etiquette. Simple Mode: Use simple mode to handle more common ...    21 MB    Views 9354

Angebot Quote

quote customer read
+21    This application is used in combination with the product Angebot. The app is a communication channel when a new quote has been read and approved by your customer. As soon as a recipient of your quote to open and read ...    1 MB    Views 7289
driver age young quote details insurers insurance
-1    If your Young and under 21 and need car insurance you will probably being penalised because of your age. Is that fair? Well we don’t think so because we all have to be that age once. We have teamed up with ...    NAN    Views 1269
Related Apps stock strategy average moving total technical weighted loss gain mode include
+10    Unlock a stocks winning potential with technical filters and indicators Compare the stock winnings to three different scenarios and find the best to increase your profits From each scenarios you’ll obtain: 1. Total Proceeds – Amount spent and earned 2. Overall Gain (or ...    2 MB    Views 524

iCompare Prices

prices settings mode compare beer price similar offer
+26    iCompare Prices is a very simple, but extremely useful application. We wrote it for those times when you are at your local Supermarket trying to decide which offer on Beer is the best one to go for. As it's not ...    3 MB    Views 5841
+3    Calculator To Go Free provides you with all the features you expect from a calculator: do all the necessary operations in 2 incredible modes. You can enjoy using a standard calculator for basic operations or extend it into a scientific ...    5 MB    Views 5245

MetLife US App

Related Apps home card auto metlife view insurance find features quote
0    Simplify your life with the MetLife App Securely access your account at your convenience to report an auto accident, pay your auto or home insurance bill, find a dentist, and much more. Features include: Auto Claims: Record auto accident details, capture ...    13 MB    Views 5487
Related Apps business positive download successful quote daily
-8    Would you like to motivate yourself to be positive, and be successful in business? This app delivers one inspirational quote per day from the leaders in the business world. Quotes start out with Zig Ziggler, then go to Dale Carnegie, then ...    10 MB    Views 1578
calculator title florida insurance quote closing fees independence application contact
+8    The Florida Closing Cost Rate Calculator by Independence Title is like having a custom title insurance quote program in your pocket while out showing properties. This free application, from Independence Title, Inc. located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, allows you to use ...    10 MB    Views 2920

Irish Life Quotes

life protection quote quotes irish
+12    Provide Financial Advisers with a quick and easy quote for Irish Life's Protection range. You can quote for the following products: 1. Mortgage Protection, 2. Term Assurance, 3. Whole of Life The quotes are for single and joint life applications and they assume acceptance ...    NAN    Views 1570
specific face premium amount quote life mobile oxford
+13    The Oxford Life Mobile Quote calculator can be used to show the following: • The premium that is required to achieve a specific face amount • The face amount for a specific premium • All payment mode options for a specific risk class    19 MB    Views 8119
calculator title florida insurance quote fees independence closing application contact
0    The Florida Title Insurance Rate Calculator by Independence Title is like having a custom title insurance quote program in your pocket while out showing properties. This free application, from Independence Title, Inc. located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, allows you to use ...    8 MB    Views 1862
stock market news time frame watch charts stocks mode price list
+5    Stock Value Analyzer helps you research stocks by analyzing daily over 20,000 securities from the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Stock Value Analyzer provides instant access to growth rates, charts, Value Prices, ...    23 MB    Views 639


Related Apps investors stock time iphone top mobile real quote trading phone information
+5    六福證券智能手機應用程式,其極佳的運行速度、穩定性、流暢度,給予無可比擬的用戶體驗,WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。金融資訊流動化已進入新紀元,受惠於智能手機設備的熱賣,流動即時股票報價的需求正不斷增加。 證券買賣無疆界 無論何時何地 冗長會議、乘車等船、食晏歎下午茶,即使在國內外公幹,投資者均能查閱即時股價; 由於已與交易平台整合,投資者可即時發出買賣指示。 彈指間獲取全面資訊 股票報價及主要市場資訊; 公司資料及派息紀錄等; 股價圖表,可橫直向顯示,及切換多個時段; 股票排行:網羅二十大活躍港股,包含升跌幅榜、升跌幅率、成交量及成交額等; 投資組合全掌控:投資者能於應用程式查閱其持股量、交易狀況及過往紀錄、購買力。 投資者可自訂多個監察組合,而每個組合最多可包含20隻股票。當股價到達心水價位,投資者只需輕按手機螢幕即可落盤,分秒不誤 Mobilization of financial information has come to a new era. Thanks to hot selling of iPhone, demand of mobile real time stock quote software has increasing. Luk Fook Securities mobile application ...    21 MB    Views 7103

Cat Financial Quote

cat quote financial
-7    Cat Financial Quote is a tool for Cat© dealers and employees to provide a financing quote for new business opportunities. Through the app, users can create a quote for multiple scenarios and financial products. Quotes can be saved and retreived at ...    4 MB    Views 1718

Radian Rates

rate rates premium version quote quick
-2    Radian Rates provides a quick and simple way to determine the mortgage insurance (MI) premium rate for one or more products based on Radian’s published rates and guidelines. All you need to do is input the loan criteria and it ...    8 MB    Views 3287

D&M Leasing

car lease leasing find quote scan free vehicles receive features
-3    The D&M Leasing app for iPhone provides you with the easiest way to obtain the best possible car leasing deal on any make or model, from virtually anywhere in the country Browse our lease return inventory, get a free noobligation ...    4 MB    Views 3604
Related Apps money earnings watch shows working mode choose hours widget view
-2    While your bank account just shows your earnings once a month, Money Watch will help to approach your daily worklife more motivated by clearly tracking your earnings over time. Money Watch automatically shows your growing earnings every second. Features: Choose your type ...    1 MB    Views 586


discount iphone calculator tax sales margin mode tool impact true
-3    MarginCalc is an innovative sales tool that takes the hassle out of doing profit margin calculations. If there’s a sales component to your job, if you’re concerned about discounting or if you need people in your sales team to understand ...    5 MB    Views 3485
Related Apps insurance life top minutes carriers apply quote quotes
+5    Quote and apply for life insurance in minutes. This FREE app features all the top life insurance carriers to ensure you get the best possible coverage for the lowest possible price You simply quote, apply and forget about it ...    3 MB    Views 7752

Covered Calls

stock investment roi return call quote covered price portfolio display
0    Covered Calls is both a portfolio manager for tracking Covered Call positions as well as a Quick Analysis calculator to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for dynamically inputted values. The portfolio details view shows return on investment for the ...    830 kb    Views 7935

Funny Money

virtual money http www cash game mode counting free
+27    Recession hitting hard? Wallet feeling a little light? Fear not as “Funny Money” is a FREE and unique, one of a kind cash rich experience. Allow your iOS device to unleash the biggest virtual wad of cash in the word Flick ...    11 MB    Views 7236


Related Apps investors stock time iphone top real quote trading information list
+8    中原證券MagicTrader能在智能手機以原生應用程式運行,其極佳的運行速度、穩定性、流暢度,給予無可比擬的用戶體驗,WAP/WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。金融資訊流動化已進入新紀元,受惠於智能手機設備的熱賣,流動即時股票報價的需求正不斷增加。 證券買賣無疆界 無論何時何地 冗長會議、乘車等船、食晏歎下午茶,即使在國內外公幹,投資者均能查閱即時股價; 由於已與交易平台整合,投資者可即時發出買賣指示。 彈指間獲取全面資訊 股票報價及主要市場資訊; 股價圖表,可橫直向顯示,及切換多個時段; 股票排行:網羅二十大活躍港股,包含升跌幅榜、升跌幅率、成交量及成交額等; 投資組合全掌控:投資者能於iPhone手機查閱其持股量、交易狀況及過往紀錄、購買力。 投資者可自訂多個監察組合,而每個組合最多可包含20隻股票。當股價到達心水價位,投資者只需輕按手機螢幕即可落盤,分秒不誤 Mobilization of financial information has come to a new era. Thanks to hot selling of iPhone, demand of mobile real time stock quote software has increasing. Centaline Securities MagicTrader is a native ...    7 MB    Views 5777

Quote Alert

stock market action time alerts price free quote based volume
-8    Brings you free streaming quotes, portfolio monitoring, detailed stock data, push notification based alerts according to stock price movement. Set free personalized alerts based on price action. Warning: Price action updates and notifications have a time delay of 5 15 minutes Features ...    2 MB    Views 2635


stock web browser watch window list quote screen
+30    dualstock stock quote and web browsing. dualstock is a two window browser. one is user created watch list for stock quote and another is web browser which you can visit site, related your stock. you can use both independently. in portrait mode. the ...    656 kb    Views 6197

Accelerated iQuote

client advisers adviser quote centre life
+14    The Accelerated iQuote by TAL provides a unique tool for advisers to initiate a sales discussion anywhere, anytime. The Accelerated iQuote also allows the adviser to initiate an email to their client with the client's quote reference number and premium. The ...    NAN    Views 3433

Term Life Quotes

exam medical term life insurance drop quotes quote ticket free
-5    Buy Term Life Partners Free Term Life Insurance quoter provides you with term quotes from our select group of carriers. This term quote tool comes with drop tickets making it easy for you to sell term life insurance. Simply quote, ...    6 MB    Views 2127

Rate Quote

mortgage rate year offer mortgages quote
+7    Check your mortgage rate without any obligation. Rate Quote will calculate the current offer rate for 5 year and 7 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages as well as 10, 15, 20 and 30 year Fixed Mortgages. Contact WEI Mortgage from right within the ...    NAN    Views 1054
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